Neighbourhood Support Manawatū

Rural community transport service

We’re establishing a rural community transport service for Manawatū!

We’ve received some establishment funding and are hoping to launch the service by the end of 2023.

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Neighbourhood Support Manawatū works with Police, Manawatū District Council and other community & social organisations to build safe, resilient and connected communities in Manawatū.

We promote connectedness and community safety, educate about crime prevention, and support community leaders to establish and maintain contact lists for their streets and areas.

Our work

Our core work revolves around engaging the community, sharing information and connecting people to other community services. We also run some programmes aimed at improving social, cognitive and physical wellbeing in our community, and we support Manawatū District Council’s efforts to prepare our communities for civil defence emergencies.

Joining Neighbourhood Support

Become a member, start a contact group in your street or area, volunteer for us, attend one of our events, or support us by making a donation.

By adding your details to our database, you’ll be kept up to date with crime prevention tips, alerts for your area, and community news. You’ll also have an opportunity to be added to our Emergency Response Skills Register and Vulnerable Persons Registers as part of the Civil Defence and Emergency Response support.