Meet the Team

Lorraine Thompson

General Manager

Lorraine joined our team in April 2022, bringing with her a great depth of knowledge about the Manawatu District from spending 7+ years at Manawatu District Council. The GM role is now 16 hours a week, focussing on funding applications, looking after our employees Kyle and Lee, reporting to the governance committee, and managing the accounts and general admin. Lorraine is very keen to increase NSM’s ability to assist community groups and organisations especially in emergency situations.

Lee Bryan

Dance-Fit Instructor & coordinator

Lee joined us in July 2021 to lead our Dance-Fit programme. She is a highly motivated and upbeat person who brings her personality to every class. She has worked as a fitness trainer for a number of years and holds a Certificate in Exercise and Sport Performance from UCOL.

Kyle Van de Bittner

Community Engagement Coordinator

Kyle hails from California and brings an innate passion for connecting with people of all ages and backgrounds! He'll be your go-to person for setting up and maintaining your neighbourhood support groups and recruiting of new members. Kyle’s very curious to hear your stories and understand what currently works well in your neighbourhood? How can we support you better to stay in touch with your neighbours and feel safe?


Brenda Manley


Barbara Wills


Jacqui Campion

Committee member

Nola Morris

Committee Member

Chris Morton

Committee member

Hilary Collier

Committee member